Students in Training

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IT Equipment Donation 
Life Cycle

  • Individuals and organizations in the community donate IT equipment and computers.
  • Incoming computers/items are inventoried, evaluated and sorted
  • Obsolete computers are disassembled, and components are sorted into bins
  • Components that can be reused are salvaged and utilized to refurbish computers. These refurbished computers are offered at low or no cost back to the community.
  • Valuable components or items are sold locally, and specialty items are sold online
  • Sorted recycle bin items are taken to recyclers to be properly broken down into valuable metals.

Donations can be dropped off weekdays from 10:30am-3:30pm and by appointment. 
Large donations can be picked up in person for your convenience.

Donation Location

409S Salisbury Gq Ave,
Granite Quarry, NC 28146

Located across the street from The Hotdog Shack.
Students in Training is inside of Baxter Consultants.

Our Mission Statement:
Inspiring technical minded learners of any age to think outside the box and make positive differences in their community.